Coronavirus Updates

Important notices and Travel FAQs for Plan Members regarding travel insurance and the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

RWAM Travel Assist provides benefits for expenses related to unforeseen medical emergencies while travelling. Whether you’re travelling with your family, a partner, or on your own, medical travel insurance is a necessity for any trip.

Check the Extended Health Care Schedule of Benefits in your Employee Benefits Booklet to confirm if your group plan includes this coverage. To view a copy of your booklet visit RWAM Plan Member Services.

Your employee benefits booklet includes:

Schedule of Benefits - outlining the benefits included in your group plan
Benefit Details - information regarding parameters, limitations and exclusions
Providers - listing the providers who insure the various benefits within your group plan

View details of your group’s Travel Assist coverage:

Emergency and Medical Referral (RA092)
Emergency Coverage only (RA093)
Student Eligibility for Study/Work Term (RC068)

Know before you go!

Before you set out on your travels, its important to know and understand your coverage and Emergency Out-of-Province/Out-of-Canada medical benefit. We’ve created a handy PDF to help you plan and understand your steps in the event of a sudden or unforeseen medial emergency while outside your province of residence.
Download the “Know Before You Go” PDF.

To submit a travel assist claim

Include all supporting medical documentation or receipts from the provider.
Keep copies of all documentation prior to submission.
Send your completed claim form and supporting documentation to Allianz Global Assistance, RWAM’s Out-of-Province/Out-of-Canada provider. Submit your claim online at Allianz Global Assistance | Submit a claim (

To review or check the status of your claim online

For trips exceeding your group plan’s trip duration limit

If you require an extension of your Travel Assist Emergency Medical Coverage, top-up coverage is available through Allianz Global Assistance for Plan Members actively insured by RWAM’s Out-of-Province/Out-of-Canada benefit and covered by a provincial health care plan.

RWAM recommends top-up coverage is arranged prior to your departure date from your home province.

01 What types of paramedical claims can be submitted by Providers?

RWAM's Provider Claims Services supports Physiotherapist, Massage Therapist, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Naturopath, Podiatrist, Chiropodist, Speech Therapist, Osteopath, Optical, Social Worker (MSW), and Psychologist / Psychotherapist claims at this time.

02 Can the Provider determine the patient's eligibility for coverage?

No, RWAM's Provider Claims Services website does not allow the Provider to determine a patient's eligibility for coverage. Plan Members should refer to their Group Benefits Booklet for details of paramedical coverage included in their plan. If there are any questions regarding coverage Plan Members should speak with their Plan Administrator, or contact RWAM.

Stay safe while travelling.

Check the Government of Canada “Travel Advice and Advisories” page before your trip for advice on situations that may affect your safety while travelling.

How Can You Use Your RWAM OneCard?

01 RWAM Onecard

Remember to pack your provincial health card and your RWAM OneCard with Emergency Travel Assist numbers on the back (if applicable to your group) whenever you travel Out-of-Province or Out-of-Canada. Additional or replacement OneCards can be accessed through the Plan Member Services website, or viewed electronically on the RWAM Mobile App.

02 Notification of departure

RWAM does not need to be advised of your travel plans prior to your departure. However, you may be asked to provide proof of departure for emergency medical claims exceeding $1000. Proof of departure date may include:

Airline, train or bus ticket receipts;
Dated receipts for gas or meals, if you travelled via automobile; or
Any other receipt(s) confirming the last date you were in your Canadian home province prior to your departure.
03 Travel to Cuba

It is our understanding that the Cuban government will accept a valid provincial health insurance plan card as proof of sufficient travel insurance coverage from Canadian travelers entering Cuba. We suggest taking both your RWAM OneCard and your valid provincial/government health insurance card on your trip. In case of a medical emergency, call the Travel Assist number on the back of your OneCard prior to seeking medical treatment.

04 Travel FAQs

Additional questions regarding Travel Assist coverage are answered in the "Travel FAQs for Plan Members" section of our Plan Members FAQs page.