A Different Approach to Customizing your Benefit Plan

Multiple insurance providers.
Extensive product selection.
Seamless group benefits offerings.
All at a competitive price.


Life And Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Group Life and AD&D insurance are vital aspects of group benefits, providing crucial coverage for employees and their families in accidents or death situations.

Health & Dental

RWAM offers customizable health and dental benefits with diverse cost options, including co-pays and specialized drug formularies.

Critical Illness

Critical illness insurance offers a lump-sum payment for named critical illnesses, enabling employees to focus on recovery. It's about living, not dying.


Short-Term or Long-Term disability benefits replace income if an accident or illness prevents work. RWAM provides diverse disability management programs through multiple providers.


RWAM provides travel emergency medical coverage for domestic and international trips, offering diverse plans with various benefits. Individual top-up coverage is available for trips surpassing group coverage limits. Visit our Travel Coverage page for details.

Stop Loss

Stop loss pooling helps employers mitigate the impact of large health care claims on premiums. Rising costs from significant drug claims are a key factor. RWAM provides customizable stop loss thresholds to suit group sizes and employer risk tolerance.

l Group Plan

The 1two3™ Small Group Plan is designed for 1-5 employee businesses, providing comprehensive benefits including Life, Accident, Extended Health Care, with optional dental and/or long-term disability coverage. ™ Trademark of RWAM Insurance Administrators Inc. All rights reserved.

Funding Alternatives

Profit Participation Plan

RWAM's Profit Participation Plan (PPP) enables employers to share profits from Group Health and/or Dental plans. Participants receive a share of underwriting surpluses, while the insurer covers deficits.

Administrative Services Only

Employers are turning to self-funding benefits, aided by RWAM's ASO approach alongside insured benefits. This streamlined solution offers insurer choice and maintains employee convenience with a single enrollment process and consolidated Benefits Booklet.

Health Spending Account

A Health Spending Account (HSA) funded by the employer reimburses eligible health expenses, offering tax-effective compensation and budget flexibility while providing employees with more choice.

Cost Plus / Additional Reimbursement Benefit

Cost Plus / Additional Reimbursement Benefit (ARB) arrangements offer employers a solution for supplemental benefit coverage for employees in need.

Supplementary Benefits

01. Employee Assistance Plan

02. Second Medical Opinion Services

03. Conversion Plans