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As a Third Party Administrator (TPA), RWAM has the distinct advantage of partnering with multiple insurance providers to offer a comprehensive, flexible and cost-effective employee benefits program.

We have the ability to group those providers in many different ways to truly craft a unique solution to meet your unique needs.

About RWAM

We breed a culture that fosters superior service and a personalized touch.

Experience the difference.

Who is RWAM

Incorporated in 1988, RWAM Insurance Administrators is one of Canada’s largest Third Party Administrators of Group Insurance Benefits and has grown to service and provide protection to over 250,000 Canadians from coast to coast.

As a full service Third Party Administrator (TPA), RWAM provides:

Premium Billing and Collecting
Real-time Claim Adjudication and Payment
Administrative Support
Disability Case Management

Solid Practices

For over 30 years our solid business philosophy and practices have stood the test of time. As a founding member of TPAAC (Third Party Administrators Association of Canada), we promote best practices and professional conduct for our industry to protect the trust that plan sponsors place in us. With a focus on striving for excellence, RWAM prides itself on flexibility and responsiveness as we continually face shifting market conditions. RWAM is here for you.

Our History

2015 - Executive Appointments

Effective January 1, 2015 Carole Yari became the CEO of RWAM and Dan Galloway took on the dual role of President and COO of RWAM. RWAM's founder, Bruce Burnham, is now the Chairman of RWAM. Pictured left to right are Dan Galloway, Carole Yari and Bruce Burnham.

2014 May - RWAM Mobile App Launched

RWAM Mobile App, offering select features of our online RWAM Plan Member Services, gives Plan Members the ability to submit claims securely directly from a smartphone or tablet. 

2014 January - RWAM chosen as one of Waterloo Region's top 15 employers

One of the core values of RWAM is that our fundamental strength lies in our people.  We are honoured to be named one of Waterloo Region's top employers for 2014. 

2013 - December - Submit Claims Online

Technological advances allow Plan Members to submit claims via the Plan Member Services web portal. 

2013 - RWAM's 25th Anniversary

RWAM is thrilled to celebrate a quarter century of success. 

2012 August - Here we grow again

RWAM continues to grow with an impressive 20,000 square foot addition to our head office in Elmira, Ontario. 

2012 - Electronic Dental Claims Paid in Real-Time

Claims submitted electronically to RWAM by the Dental Office are now processed in real-time. For Plan Members with eligible dental claims this means payment goes out as early as the next business day. 

2011 July - 'eClaims Arrive' - Claims Accepted Via Email Submission

Plan Members now have the choice of emailing, faxing or sending by postal mail when submitting claims.

2011 November - RWAM Receives Region of Waterloo Healthy Workplace Award

RWAM is a proud recipient of the Region of Waterloo Healthy Workplace Award for demonstrating strong commitment to improving the health of our employees.

2009 - Advisor Portal Launched

Employee Benefit Specialists & Advisors can utilize online functions providing easy and direct access to comprehensive information facilitating block analysis.

2009 February - Plan Member Services Portal Launched

Secure portal access allows Plan Members to view and update personal information -- including direct deposit information; view and print claim information; and access their benefits booklet electronically.

2008 - RWAM Celebrates 20 Years

RWAM's Senior Management team kick off the celebration. Pictured are, from left, Dan Galloway, COO; Carole Yari, President; and Bruce Burnham, CEO. 

2004 July - RWAM Administration Services Portal Launched

Plan Administrators can now process additions, terminations, transfers and changes to employee coverage electronically, in real-time, using the secure web portal. 

2004 September - Third Party Administrators' Association of Canada Founded

RWAM is proud to be a founding member of the Third Party Administrators' Association of Canada. 

1998 - RWAM Turns 10

We are 10 years old now, and have grown to over 35 employees. 

1993 - Outstanding Business Award Woolwich Chamber of Commerce

RWAM is honoured to receive the 1993 Woolwich Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Business Award based on personal service and good value.

Pictured accepting the award are Charles Wood, Bob Burnham and Bob Disotell.

1988 - First Annual Group Seminar Held

RWAM's first group seminar brought together our top Advisors to discuss industry trends. This has now grown into our annual Chairman's Advisory which plays an integral part in assisting RWAM with its strategy and responsiveness to the marketplace. Assembling a select group of our Advisors, the input and discussions at the Chairman's Advisory are paramount in guiding RWAM to producing a successful offering in the Group Benefits spectrum. 

1988 Founded in January 1988

RWAM officially incorporated in January 1988 with offices in Ontario, Alberta, and Nova Scotia.

Giving Back

Committed to Youth

in our Community

RWAM’s corporate philosophy, along with the charitable nature of our staff, has earned us a reputation of being a generous and active community participant.

RWAM proudly supports charitable initiatives across the country through donations and sponsorship programs. We embrace the diversity of people’s social needs, ideas, and interests. Our contributions are distributed over a broad range of initiatives, with an added focus on improving the quality of life for youth. 

Recently the Grand River Hospital Foundation recognized RWAM and our sister company Programmed Insurance Brokers Inc. (PIB) for our fundraising efforts in their TL;DR electronic newsletter.

We also Support

Woolwich Sun Rays (Hockey for all Abilities)
Woolwich Community Services
Woolwich Memorial Youth Centre
Food Banks
Youth Sports Teams
Drayton Entertainment
Local Service Clubs
Heart & Stroke Foundation
Red Cross
Canadian Cancer Society
Canadian Blood Services - Partners for Life member
And many more...

Protecting your Plan

Employers are fully aware of the rising costs of providing employee benefits. It is critical to appreciate the extent to which fraudulent conduct on the part of patients and healthcare providers contributes to rising premiums.

What RWAM does to protect your plan

The insurance industry devotes significant resources to reducing benefits fraud. Sophisticated programs for identifying patterns of fraudulent behaviour are continually developed to limit costs and increase the chances of recovery.

To ensure we are only paying for legitimate claims covered under your employee benefits contract RWAM:

Conducts provider and patient audits
Investigates suspicious claims or patterns
Checks credentials of paramedical providers to ensure legitimacy

How you can help protect your plan?

As a plan member, you also have a role in helping to prevent fraud. To learn more about your role in fraud prevention visit the Plan Members Protecting Your Plan page.

Report Fraud

If you are aware of or suspect insurance fraud, contact the RWAM Special Investigations Unit:

By email
By phone 1-888-742-7926 ext. 4807

Fraud can also be reported to insurers via the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association website.