About RWAM

With over 35 years in the group benefits market, RWAM has developed long standing relationships and is uniquely able to offer a complete end to end group benefit experience with innovative solutions that are personalized to suit your client’s specific needs.


A Better Benefit Experience

With RWAM there is no need to compromise to ensure the right plan design. Get a customized solution from multiple carriers, all in one contract. From traditional to digital, RWAM offers onboarding options to suit the needs of Canadian employers and their employees. Learn how RWAM can offer you a better benefit experience.

RWAM's History

For over 35 years, RWAM has been one of Canadian employers top choices for group benefits. We were created from the ground up by Canadians, and to this day, our roots and our people are what makes up Canada's leading TPA.

Benefit from Scale & Favourable Rates

Canadian employers benefit from RWAM's favourable rates and preferred expenses, regardless of group size thanks to RWAM’s buying power and market influence.

With our best-in-class insurance carriers and service provider partners, we are uniquely able to offer comprehensive and cost-effective employee benefit programs.