Travel FAQs for Plan Members

As a Plan Member you have questions. We have answers

We know group insurance benefits can be confusing. We are here to help and have detailed some of the more frequently asked questions and subsequent answers. If you require additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact RWAM directly.

Please note these frequently asked questions contain general information only, are subject to change, and may not apply to your specific situation. Your Employee Benefits Booklet outlines the specific coverages associated with your group plan as well as any requirements and exclusions specific to your plan.

Travel FAQs regarding COVID-19

Travel FAQs regarding COVID-19 are available on RWAM's Coronavirus Updates page

How do I know if my group plan includes the Out-of-Province/Out-of-Canada Travel Assist benefit?

Your Employee Benefits Booklet outlines the coverage provided by your group plan. If you don't have an Employee Benefits Booklet, you can view a current copy from RWAM Plan Member Services or ask your Plan Administrator for a copy. Once you know what coverage you have, Travel Assist brochures are available on our Travel Coverage page.

Is trip cancellation or lost baggage insurance included under the Travel Assist plan?

RWAM Travel Assist plans include emergency medical coverage only. Check your Employee Benefits Booklet or with your Plan Administrator to confirm the details of your Travel Assist coverage.

Will the Travel Assist plan cover me during the entire length of my absence from Canada or my home province?

RWAM's Travel Assist benefit includes a maximum number of days per trip that you are covered, starting from the day you leave your province of residence. Check with your Plan Administrator for your group plan's specific maximum day duration. If your trip will exceed the maximum day duration we strongly advise that you purchase a top-up emergency medical plan to cover the additional days. Information on Emergency Medical Out-of-Canada Top-up Insurance coverage available for purchase online is available on our Travel Coverage page.

What arrangements should be made if I'm planning an extended stay outside Canada?

My child is currently enrolled in university and is 

My child is currently enrolled in university and is planning to study abroad for the next school year. Is there a special extension of the RWAM Travel Assist benefit that is available in this situation?

RWAM will extend the Travel Assist benefit to your eligible dependent while studying outside of Canada at a recognized post-secondary college or university, provided your child has not reached the applicable student maximum termination age and provincial coverage is in place. Complete the 'Student Eligibility and Extension Request for Study/Work Term' form and submit to RWAM for processing. Prior to the student's departure, contact your provincial Ministry of Health to ensure provincial coverage will be in force during the entire study period outside of Canada.

Are there certain locations or countries that are not covered under RWAM's Travel Assist plan?

Do I need to advise RWAM prior to departing for my trip?

Although RWAM does not need to be advised prior to departure, you may be asked to provide proof of departure for claims exceeding $1000. Such proof may include dated airline, train or bus tickets. If you travelled via automobile, dated receipts for gas or meals purchased by you are acceptable. Any other dated receipts confirming your last date in your Canadian home province prior to your departure are also acceptable.

Is it necessary for me or my dependents to take the original RWAM OneCard when travelling, or will a photocopy suffice?

The original is not necessary as this card is only used as a reference for contacting RWAM Travel Assist in the event of an emergency. All the information you need is accessible through the RWAM Mobile App (your Group #, Certificate #, and all travel contact numbers). If you prefer to carry a paper copy, a photocopy is fine, or you can simply write down the applicable emergency assistance number that is located on the back of your RWAM OneCard. Alternatively, you can carry the detachable wallet card included in the Travel Assist brochure available on our Travel Coverage page, but note you will need to add your personal Group # and Certificate # to this card.

If I experience a medical emergency while travelling Out-of-Province/Canada, what should I do?

Follow these steps when contacting Travel Assist:

  • Call "RWAM Travel Assist" using the Travel Assist phone numbers indicated on the back of your RWAM OneCard. If at all possible, we recommend that you call Travel Assist first, prior to seeking medical attention. If you are experiencing a medical emergency and you cannot get in touch with someone at RWAM Travel Assist, do not delay & seek medical assistance immediately. If you cannot contact RWAM Travel Assist prior to seeking treatment, they must be contacted within 48 hours of the emergency.
  • If you are having difficulty reaching us by phone, email your contact information to the Allianz Medical Team at, with the Subject line ‘Emergency’ and we will call you back. For a detailed list on required information to include in your email, visit Allianz Global Assistance | Experiencing a medical emergency (
    • Please note that only messages related to active medical emergencies will be responded to.
  • Advise Travel Assist that you are a member of the RWAM Travel Assist plan and quote your RWAM certificate number from your RWAM OneCard. You may also be asked for the individual government health insurance plan number covering the person who is receiving treatment (you or your eligible dependent).
  • Explain the medical emergency and the help you require. Travel Assist will direct you to the closest, most appropriate medical facility and arrange direct billing with the Provider, if possible.

Will I need to pay for Out-of-Canada emergency medical services?

Although direct billing is usually arranged for hospital services, generally most Providers rendering less expensive out-patient treatment will require payment up-front. In this situation, you will still need to call RWAM Travel Assist to open a claim, then pay your Provider for the services and obtain a receipt to submit for reimbursement from the insurance company.


Will I need to pay for Out-of-Canada emergency medical services?

It is important that the Travel Assist Out-of-Canada / Out-of-Province Claim Form is completed in full and returned to Allianz Global Assistance, RWAM's Out-of-Province / Out-of-Canada provider as soon as possible. Include all supporting medical documentation or receipts you may have from the provider.

Please keep copies of all documentation prior to sending to Allianz Global Assistance.

Submit, review and track the status of your claim online at Allianz Global Assistance | Submit a claim ( 

How long will it take to process my Out-of-Province/Out-of-Canada claim?

Out-of-Province/Out-of-Canada claims are typically more complex and generally take longer to process. RWAM's Travel Assistance and Insurance Provider, Allianz Global Assistance may require further information from you, or directly from the invoicing treatment Provider. Depending upon the Provider and/or the country in which treatment took place, it may take a significant period of time for Allianz Global Assistance to obtain the required information. However, their procedures include follow-ups every 21 days from the date information was originally requested until they receive the required documentation. At that point, claim turnaround time is 10 business days from date of receipt of all required documentation.

Should you receive any notices, invoices or related correspondence directly from your Out-of-Province/Out-of-Canada invoicing treatment Provider, please contact RWAM at 1-877-888-7926.

Are there any restrictions or limitations to the Travel Assist Emergency Medical coverage?

RWAM's Travel Assist Emergency Medical Coverage plan covers the costs of medical services required as a result of an emergency illness or injury, which occurs while you are vacationing or travelling. However, not all tests or diagnostic procedures may be covered. This is one of the reasons that it's important to contact RWAM Travel Assist prior to seeking medical treatment, if possible.  They will assess the situation, refer the patient to a suitable Provider in the area, open a medical case and their experienced nursing team will monitor care and determine coverages. Routine or elective treatment is not covered. This refers to treatment you could have received in Canada, treatment you could have deferred until your return, and/or ongoing treatments you may need if you are out of the country for a lengthy period of time.

Additional exclusions are listed in your Employee Benefits Booklet.

Note - Travel insurance does not cover everything. For complete terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions, please refer to the policy. Travel insurance is underwritten by CUMIS General Insurance Company, a member of the Co-operators group of companies and administered by Allianz Global Assistance, which is a registered business name of AZGA Service Canada Inc. Also note, Allianz Global Assistance does not tolerate any attempt of fraud and considers it a serious offence. Allianz Global Assistance strictly enforces a zero tolerance policy regarding fraud.

Are there any coverage restrictions for pre-existing conditions?

Although RWAM does not have a specific stability clause the rule of thumb is that if there is a medical condition prior to departure whereby the medical evidence states that there is a reasonable expectation that such medical condition could lead to treatment or hospitalization while travelling, then any resultant claim for that medical condition would be seriously jeopardized. Also, if any trip is commenced or continued against the advice of a physician, or after being diagnosed with a terminal illness, then any resultant claim during that trip would be excluded. Basically, these situations would be where clients are unstable to travel due to their medical conditions.